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Beach Day Gone Awry?

2014-04-19 15.09.40In this very long unannounced hiatus, Rupert has been sleeping away the winter as all self-respecting lions who live outside of their naturally hot habitat will do. Yet, over this past month the birds have once again started to twitter, plants have been awakening with the help of some much needed rain and spring air has jumped into being here in northern California. Rupert’s writer is outside just now, basking in the warm, spring breezes after a day of relaxed cookery and eating. Indeed, Rupert’s owners had to enjoy this spring day of Easter Sunday with some festivities after their long walk along the Stinson Beach just the day past.

But first take a look at this beautiful view we all came across, driving up towards the top of Mount Tam. It took several shots to get this panorama right, but Rupert was a determined camera lion…as is why he is left out of the shot. It’s not quite perfect towards the right, but you get the jist of this gorgeous, breath taking openness surrounding you.

2014-04-19 14.33.07

2014-04-19 15.26.502014-04-19 15.26.38



Of course, being excellently splendid weather Ducky suggested we discover what was out at Stinson beach just yesterday and what we found Rupert could not explain. Oh yes, that is correct. Rupert’s owners are a Duck and a Fox. How very clever you say? Why thank you.




Now, enough pictures…on to story time. When we arrived in Stinson beach it was the typical amount of cars in the vast amount of parking lots, or so we thought. The first few lots of paved concrete were as usual, full of people. Yet then we drove farther and farther onto the gravel road of parking, a length beyond where we had ever needed to go before. Twas the only clue to what lie ahead. Again, as one can expect some of the first lovely days of spring most people would be tempted to go outside and catch some rays. It was expected for the beach to have lots of foot steps in it.

The parking lots are right next to a tall mound of sand which kept us from seeing the cause for all the cars until we made our way up, with winter legs not used to walking slops. Beyond the sand dune lay the entire stretch of Stinson beach covered in families perched under their beach umbrellas, watching their children play….beach soccer?

At first we all thought it was volleyball, until we acclimated to the rays reflecting off the sand. The entire beach! Wikipedia tells me it is only 1.44 square miles, but it felt quite a bit longer. Every square foot was covered in people or lines declaring a half soccer field for this ‘league’ of soccer players to play against each other. Varying demographics of Latinos, white Mill Billies as Ducky refers to them and plenty of tourists hogging every bit of flat sand lands. But wait…

Looking beyond the soccer league to the left end of the beach was clusters of rocks, some climbable, others were giant boulders. All of it was for us to explore and have a chance to get our feet wet, slip on, climb, discover and be careful not to twist my ankles on.

2014-04-19 15.04.28Rupert sat snuggly in Ducky’s pocket while he led the way over rocks of gravel size to ‘medium-sized’ boulders as tall as a person. Mind you, there were boulders towering about three times our size to which we could not find a way onto. Climbing over these rocks as carefully as one could, with balance and a firm grip whenever possible between rocks Fox discovered a lovely little bit to take a video of the waves and listen to the serenity of the moment. Hopefully, Fox will get it uploaded to Youtube so that it can be laid into this post, because WordPress doesn’t allow video files as of right now.
Ducky on the other hand seemed to have no trouble with climbing, hoisting his knees above his hips to get onto boulders or jumping down onto both feet from heights. Apparently, Fox’s body is more fragile as today her thigh muscles yelp at her sometimes from the climbing. Thankfully, she did not have to be carried home due to a bad ankle although the entire climb she was worried about a bad slip.

And this is why today, on Easter Sunday Fox, Ducky and Rupert got to relax and bake some things in the mornings, have lunch with Ducky’s grandparents and now sit outside enjoying the smells spring brings.